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Updated: Feb 17, 2023

When you think of a new garage door, what should take over your thought can't be anything else but the values the new garage door is bringing to your home.

A garage door should not just be a door but a quality and durable one that is expected to help you safeguard your precious belongings like your car(s) and even your home in general since most garages lead to the internal parts of the home.

If you value your belongings as expected and intend to enjoy them for long, below listed are things you should know before getting a new garage door.

The type and style of a garage door you should be getting

Do you already know the type of garage door your garage needs? What about the style that will fit your kind of house?

Carriage style door: it is a style that opens from the center and has a rustic look and very decent on contemporary homes

Contemporary style door: This style comes with a modern look and is made with a mix of metal and glass materials.

Raised panel style doors: Made of raised symmetrical rectangles that give a more traditional look.

We have two types of garage doors: Insulated and uninsulated garage doors.

An insulated garage door comes in two layers of steel with insulation between both layers. It has more energy effectiveness than uninsulated doors and also thicker. It is also the best option for both cold and warm weather. A garage that is attached to the home should go for an insulated.

An uninsulated garage door is made from a single layer of steel, as the name indicates; it has no insulation used in the production. This type of garage door is suitable for detached garages and better-off in climates that are mild.

How much it will cost you?

The cost of a new garage door is dependent on the type you are going to buy.

An insulated garage door should cost you $700 to $1000 for a 2-car garage and about $500 to $600 for one car while an uninsulated garage door is $500 to $700 for a-2-car garage while it will cost you between $350 and $550 for a one-car garage

Does the new garage door come with a worthy warranty?

When it comes to purchasing a new door for garage, be alive to know the details of the warranty it offers most if not all garage doors come with a warranty, but the length and what they cover differs. You must take out time to look through the warranty document with eagle eyes to spot out how long it will last, what the warranty covers on the new garage door, and how much you are expected to part with if you ever have to pay for repairs or replacement.

Before making a move, think through the options and check with your bank manager and be sure your pocket is ready for the choice you go for.

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