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Have you just moved to a new house and looking for ways to decorate the interior?

Do you know that candles are not just for lighting up your homes alone? Ever wondered what else can be done with candles you have at?

Decorating your home with candlesticks can be very interesting and an avenue to giving the interior of your home a new look.

Follow through this article for tips on how to transform your home with the help of candles, and you will never regret doing so.

Tip 1: Make use of candle stands that blend well with the home color.

Go forward with a few candle stands, decorating your living spaces with candle stands appear to be a wonderful idea. Just by adding modern but simple looking candle stands that match with the color of your home walls or curtains will give your home that awesome contemporary appearance.

Though candle stands are not new in the world of decor with the heights, they come in, and your home is surely going to have that interesting decor look if blended well with the overall home color.

Tip 2: Consider introducing accents to your home

For homes and apartments that lack natural lights, candles can come in handy as a way of stimulating the feel of it. The easy way out is using table candles. Just place each candle in a glass container and watch the lights reflect through the glass for that homely sense in your home.

Tip 3: Experiment with a glass jar

Why not experiment with a glass jar by placing a few candles in a large glass jar? Though it looks simple, but believe me, it will give your home that outstanding look. Do not stop there, include some flowers and stones in the candle formation for a remarkable appearance. Lastly, add a tall candle in the middle of the formation, and you will end up having an excellent touch in your home.

You can do this in different parts of your home and not just in the living room.

Tip 4: Turning your bedroom to a romance temple with the use of candles

I bet you would love this tip more since it's got the word romance included, huh? (me winking at you). For the romance gods and goddesses out there, candles can turn your bedroom into one big love and romance cathedral all year round if carefully used. Just place several mixed colored small looking candles on your bed frame dashboard if you have one, or you can go with two candle-stands placed at each side of your bed. You will surely get a serene look in the bedroom.

Tip 5: Making use of your center table

You can also decorate your living room by turning your center table to a centerpiece through the help of placing small looking candles (preferably white candles) closely arranged on a wooden tray or frame. You can also use white and green candles or even red, depending on the overall color you have in your living room.

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