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Updated: Feb 10, 2022

House is one of the basic necessities of modern man. Every living thing needs to live somewhere, as we can't do without it. Shelter provides secure accommodation for human, provide protection and support services to help survivors at risk of violence to avoid abuse. Housing assists women to cope with different challenges(both physical, legal, social) resulting from the violence committed against them.

Therefore, with so many challenges the society offers, it is necessary to make a wise decision while looking for accommodation to stay. There are many factors to be considered while choosing your accommodation, and some of them are listed below.


Location is one of the most relevant factors to consider while choosing a house. Some people consider easy access to the places they work, school, closeness to their place of worship, and others also consider proximity to the roadsides, and some like to be away from traffic as this may lead to disturbances and noise pollution.


Another prominent factor never to be ignored is making consultation and inquiries about the characters of your neighbors. Find out if your neighbor is family-friendly or not, whether they have good influences, and if they are not involved in any illegal things.


Security challenge is another significant factor to be considered while choosing the right house. Living in a place where the security is tight is very encouraging. Before selecting a home, check out the crime rates by making inquiries from neighbors, a resident living around the area, people may suffer from thieves, arm robbers, e.t.c, if they make a bad choice.

Social Amenities and infrastructure

Social amenities such as availability of electricity, street lighting should be well checked before making a choice, check if there is sufficient water supply in the area, check if the area is well connected by good road network. If all these basic amenities are lacking, then there will be a lot of expenses to be made after you have acquired the house. For example, a location that lacks adequate water supply will see the resident buying water, an area where there is no supply of electricity will see the resident wasting money by fueling their generators.

Closeness to school and colleges

This is One factor that parents consider while choosing the right house since it helps to reduce the cost of transportation. Also, some parents consider the best schools in the area.

Closeness to Hospitals and Clinics

The nearness of your house to hospital is an essential factor to be considered while choosing a home, in case of emergency situation arises. If you have young children in the family, they might fall sick at any time and may require some medical attention.

House inspection

To get a good house, one has to check the house thoroughly before signing in. Check the expenses to fix the cracked walls, faded paints, and other renovation work that you want to do to avoid spending unnecessarily.

To live comfortably without any stress and worries, one has to consider the above-listed factors.

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