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Updated: Feb 10, 2022

Typically, there isn't a limit or number of times in repainting walls or a house. Painting can be done whenever the house owner feels like changing the overall appearance of the home since money is not easy to come by; it will be costly to carry out regular repainting of a house.

However, professionals suggest exterior repainting in like 3-5 years while others may give like 15 years before repainting can be done. In all these, repainting should be done periodically to maintain the feel and atmosphere of your home, especially the interior and exterior parts.

However, it solely depends on the painting needs of different rooms within your home or better still depends on where the house is located, the type of materials the house is made with, and the quality of materials used to build the house.

It is essential to know how the following can influence repainting:

Location of the house

The question is, can location influence repainting? The answer is Yes, location can influence repainting because if the house is situated where there is intense sunlight. The exterior part may need yearly repainting, or once in two or three years kind of repainting, it is also certain that if the house is in a wet environment, it would need yearly or once in two or three years spacing for repainting.

How do materials influence repainting?

Using the right tools or equipment is very important in painting. Especially the type of paint to be used, a good example is when using the oil paint which can be degraded by intense sun rays. When inferior materials are used in painting, intense sunlight can cause it to blister, thereby producing bubbles as well as chalking, which results in the paint becoming powdery and faded.

Quality of paint used

Since it is necessary to choose the appropriate paint for a house, it is also essential to know the quality of paint to be used to ensure durability, high quality of paints and painting materials may be costly. Still, it is better to use them once. For all or risk redoing painting in lesser time possible, it is also advisable to apply two coats of the quality paint, especially in exterior painting, to increase its longevity against weather conditions.

Subsequently, it is also important to note that different painting needs may arise due to the condition of the various rooms in the house that requires painting especially the kitchen which would always look used and abused within a little space of time if a lot of activity is done there, oil and other cooking ingredients may splash on the walls accidentally.

Its presence on the walls would change the outlook of the walls and make a mess of the paint used. Therefore it is imperative to know the various needs of the different rooms before opting for repainting.

Finally, inspecting the interior and exterior parts of your home and conducting regular maintenance will help paints last longer, things to look out for are; signs of moisture damage, cracking, and peeling when these signs are discovered and addressed, value and longevity would be added to the paint.

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