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You must have heard of gel nails if you are a fashionista or someone who takes looking good seriously. This article is to inform and elucidate the readers on gel nails and how you can benefit richly from this beautiful innovation in the world of manicure.

Before we go into the top 5 advantages of gel nails, let us first look at what gel nails represent. Gel nails are simply some extensions created using products made of hard gel that becomes more hardened under light-emitting diode (LED) or ultraviolet light.

Gel nails are designed to appear almost like natural nails and to serve as a replacement for women with short or deformed nails.

Below are the top 5 advantages of gel nail

1. Hard-wearing and longer fingernails

If you desire to have long fingernails that are hard-wearing in nature, then gel nail is your best option out there. Not only will it eliminate your worries with having natural short nails, but it will also give you the appearance of hard looking fingernails.

2. Feels and look so natural

You do not have to worry about feeling fake or unnatural when wearing a gel nail because the opposite is the case. Gel nail is as natural as your nails because the gel polish gets applied in thin layers to allow flexibility and an avenue to bend easily, just like natural nails. Even with the application of gel polish, you are guaranteed of no odor! Yes, none whatsoever!

3. Gel nails last longer

Compared to any other kind of nails out there, gel nails last longer than 3 to 4 weeks, amazing, right? Yes, they do when compared to classical nails out there that last way shorter than gel nails. It does not easily chip, nor does it peel or break. You will also not experience smudges that can be annoying because the gel nail polish goes through Ultraviolet light, which makes the polish hard instantly.

4. Dries up faster than any other nail products out there

When it comes to gel nails, you will experience instant dryness when applied. It does not take too long to dry like regular acrylic polish that mostly takes hours to dry up when applied. Non-acrylic polish takes longer, so no need for comparison.

It means that you will save time in the salon if applying gel nails on your fingers compared to any other one. Who does not want to spend extra time checking out sunshades, flip-flop bags, and some nice looking tops at the mall close by rather than sitting your butt in the salon waiting for your nails to dry up?

5. Ability to experiment with your nails

Yes, gel nails give you plenty of options for experimenting with different shapes, sizes, and colors than any other kind of nail product out there. Imagine yourself changing your nail colors every month? This is what gel nails have in stock for you.

If freshness, long-lasting, and natural-looking nails are what you desire, gel nails remain your best bet!

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