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Inspirational Story of Nikkie de Jager, aka NikkieTutorials

Updated: Feb 17, 2023

Nikkie was blackmailed to come forward with her secret

Regardless of whatever your personal feelings on the matter may be, it’s hard to look at the recent blackmailing case of Nikkie de Jager, known from her YouTube channel NikkieTutorials, and her subsequent and courageous coming out as anything other than a massive win for the transgender community as a whole.

Here we have a woman who has suffered from bullying her whole life and each incident has only stood to make her stronger and bolder to the point where she has finally taken the world by storm with a strong and courageous act of martyrdom that has made her a role model for many confused and isolated teens, children, and even adults the world over.

She gave hope for all transgender people

Nikkie is living proof that not only can you keep your transgender identity a secret if you really want to but that there is absolutely no reason for you to do so unless it’s your choice. She is a shining example of freedom and acceptance for transgender individuals the world over and her story will go down in history as a stunning win for transgender rights and acceptance.

From a bullied child to a confident woman

For those who don’t know the story. Nikkie de Jager is a transgender woman who started making makeup tutorials as a 14-year-old. She used this creative outlet as an escape from the bullying she was on the receiving end of in her daily life at school. Being able to express herself and her passions on her YouTube channel gave her the spark she needed to keep on living and keep on being herself. The positive feedback she received from her content was more than enough to silence the negative thoughts that the bullying caused her.

People envy her amazing makeup skills

Nikkie is quite the exception makeup artist and her tutorials quickly took off in popularity. No single viewer had any idea that the person they were watching was a transgender woman, all they saw as a beautiful woman with exceptional talent and skill. She had a bold and unique personality that entertained viewers while also teaching them great tricks on how to show off their own beauty and femininity. Her YouTube channel received minor success for years and viewers kept coming back to see each new video and learn new tips from this makeup savant.

Same girl as she was before

Behind the scenes, young Nikkie was privately taking the medical steps necessary to become a full-fledged woman so that her body could match her heart and her spirit. She boldly and bravely embraced her womanhood and soon became the woman she knew she was all along. And her viewers were none the wiser, not even noticing the transition. To them, it was the same woman they had known all along, a beautiful and talented woman who just happened to be exceptionally skilled at both putting on makeup and making great video content.

She wanted to dedicate her channel only for makeup

All of this came to a head, however, when she started receiving messages threatening to out her transgender identity. While many people might be scared, fearful of the stigma that may come with being outed and the perceived damage this might do to their burgeoning internet stardom, Nikkie was confident enough in herself that she was able to brush the dirt off her shoulder and take matters into her own hands.

Do these people think that this is a threat? Nikkie had never publically outed herself as transgender not because she was afraid but just because she felt that her art should be able to stand on her own terms. She wasn’t interested in flaunting her personal life in front of the camera for views. She wanted her makeup skills and personality to speak for themselves and wanted these to be the reason viewers clicked on her videos.

Inspiring story gained more followers

Still, with the threat looming over her, Nikkie knew it was time to steal the thunder. In a 20-minute video, Nikkie took to the camera and bravely and boldly flipped the middle finger (quite literally) to her would-be blackmailers and told the entire world that, yes, she is a woman, and, yes, she is transgender. Immediately, this video became a viral hit.

Instead of unsubscribing and clicking off, Nikkie’s already established fanbase only adored her even more after this brave coming out. Quickly, this video became a global sensation and everybody was talking about Nikkie de Jager. Suddenly, Nikkie was receiving more subscribers than ever before, growing at an exponential rate. The plan of the blackmailers backfired and by catalyzing Nikkie to come out on her own terms, the whole incident rocketed her to instant super-stardom and shook the entire world for the better.

With her story making its way to news networks around the globe, Nikkie was now not only an exceptionally talented artist but a hero for an entire generation of isolated and marginalized individuals. She became living proof that transgender people were more than just transgender, they were unique individuals who could proudly and courageously stand tall even in the toughest situations.

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