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Food blogs cover restaurant reviews, recipes, and every other aspect of the food world.

Generally, it entails food photography, posting lovely photos of foods (recent food trends and new recipes), uploading videos on the step by step process in preparation of delicious food, selling e-books, tutorials, templates, and cookbooks.

To get into the food blogging world, all you need to have to get started is a computer connected to the internet, a smartphone, blog platform, and a love for delicious foods.

Ten of the best food blogs in 2020 are highlighted below;

1. Sams Blog

This blog is one of the best food blogs. This blog features booze and beverages, nibbles, staples, salads, desserts, sarnies, and others.

To access this site, visit

2. Meenas blog

This blog remains one of the best food blogs. She blogs about Indian dishes, recipes like the fried tofu and peanut sauce recipe, banana pancake balls, and vegan.

To access this site, visit

3. Ivvonnes blog

This blog is one of the best blogs also for learning everything about baking. Its well organized for the preparation of healthy snacks or appetizers.

To access this site, visit

4. Milk and Cookies

This Australian food blog features chocolate chips and icecream,

To access this site, visit

5. The Dometic Goddess

This is one of the first Canadian food blogs. These blogs focus on the stories and context behind the favorite recipes for main meals, baking, drinks, chocolate chip, and more. Recipes are made with the available ingredients you can buy from your local store.

To access this site, visit

6. David Lebovitz

This blog is known for being an expert on chocolate and recipes. On his blog, it features fantastic Q&A posts on travel tips, hosted travel and events, baking, chef and photographers interviews, cook and cookbook interviews.

To access this site, visit


This is also one of the best food blogs that feature photos that look like that of a professional magazine, displaying the foods he prepared himself. He offers some great tips for budding food photographers.

To access this site, visit


This blog is a fiber-vegetarian blog that features well-organized recipes like hummus, appetizers, salad, fish, and seafood and covers a variety of international cuisines.

To access this site, visit

9. All recipes

This blog features foods like appetizers and snacks, cake recipes, chicken recipes, cookies, soups, stew, slow cooker recipes, quarantine cooking, and chilly.

To access this site, visit

10. Group recipes

This blog features foods like appetizers, sandwiches, pizza, casseroles, salads, stirfry, steaks and chops, tacos, wraps, burritos,

To access this site, log into

In conclusion, from the food blogs mentioned earlier, you can get inspiration and delicious recipes for that special occasion. You can click the link I have added above to get more details about the various techniques this blog has been using to promote their sites, gaining awareness, and earning much money.

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